I’m an artist, living in Birmingham, UK.  This blog features some of my visual art work and some of my writing.  I don’t explain or contextualize what’s on here very often – so if you want either of these feel free to leave a message.


Having said that, here’s a brief account of my work (for which thanks to Hugh Marwood):


Andrew Smith is an artist based in Birmingham. He works in a variety of media, including painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, video, and writing – with the translation of images and ideas between different media being a key feature of his output. He uses both his urban surroundings, and process-based writing, as springboards to explore relationships between psychoanalysis and art. As is only appropriate with a vision so closely tied to the subconscious, chance occurrences, automatic processes, and serendipity all play an important part in the evolution of individual pieces. It is here we see the importance of Surrealism to Andrew’s work, as well as the more absurdist strands of Conceptual Art. Andrew aims to invest familiar objects and situations with a strangeness that implies new, unexpected narratives each time we look. Whilst the work is always psychologically rooted, it also offers distinct references to the current social climate, for those prepared to make the connections.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Andrew – I really enjoyed the show at surface. I enjoyed your work even more after talking to you and finding out about some of the ideas and processes underpinning it.

    All that’s best,


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