In the estimated numbers

of uncertainty you see it.

You are sure the plan is therefore

misplaced, reflecting how an apple

causes the beginning of being

played, and incomprehensible

models of being played;


because I have anticipated

every possible move of how

an apple causes the changes of

being played, and how a number

of possible ways is summoned

to the estimated number – which

substantially exceeds that of fate.


Yes, an apple causes the number

which exceeds fate, because I have

anticipated every possible variation,

the number of possible variations

of atoms in an apple, where

the number is summoned to try

to go happily home

to discuss the gift of atoms in time.


This is an old tradition of human thought,

a game which substantially exceeds

the fate of being played,

a game which is full,

compared to a chance meeting at

a crossroads where we will turn,

reflecting on how an apple causes the universe.






I leave the staffroom with the new member of staff. I say new, but he’s quite old, older than me, with thinning white hair. He’s wearing a Hawaiian shirt. As we walk through the corridors I’m struck by the way the college is very much like a shopping centre – rooms that look just like shop-fronts, crowds of people. I ask the new member of staff how he’s finding the college, and I’m aware that I’d like him to confirm my own point of view. I also feel some pleasure in having a kind of seniority here – of experience of the place at least. It’s ok, he tells me – it’s going quite well so far I think, he says. Slightly put out at this I say – you don’t feel that although things seem to be going smoothly on the surface, there’s a sense of something quite horrible lying in wait. He says yes, I do feel that now you mention it. I am enormously gratified that he recognizes the truth of my perception – I must talk to him again. But for now he’s due to teach a lesson. Psychology, I ask. Oh no, he says, I thought I said, it’s …. I don’t catch what he says because of the noise of the crowd. He gets into the lift – turning towards me he says, my name’s Happy by the way. Happy? I say. The lift doors are closing. Oh, I’m Andy, anyway, I say. Though the doors have now closed I can hear him say anyway, rather quizzically.

earth fractures …

earth fractures from early warning
movements in physical hearts;
and so to what extent is it
possible to tell?  which leaves will

visit, complaining of the blue
concealing concrete bees?
contradictory poppies,
and particular dears (oaks and

roses) who can tolerate this
prescribed grass – and prevent (at least)
penetration of the head by
the impenetrable sun



(another collaboration between e.e. and d.m. cummings)