many truths…(and) extreme darkness…

many truths appear to say the least. almost everybody questions the shared miracle in the night of parental secrets – is the bedroom false for example. ‘obviously’ denies the big mystery in things (like cognitive things).
the world confuses and a particular moment can be found to be false when we leave and recall in unmeasurable guesses our adopted self, an effigy in a muddle (loneliness) with on average almost no feeling for the strangers stressing us out






extreme darkness is often found in the intersection of wind and rain. in the house we would shout at shapes, lovers, oneness, dreams (in that order). but the political forehead we face requires large mornings of the truth in all four and (harder) mountains to integrate them.


explore what we know about the sky, sparrows and pigeons (individual/team/organisation) in different brains. we should be machines going much deeper into the beast of the ability bell — whisperers who are +3 or +4 standard heavens above hell on the skyline of relentless earth, in operational houses and so on (now practically entirely empty of the 50 most powerful people in the country).


in the general sunset of ‘thinking rationally’ and walking streets amid uncertainty (e.g Munger twirls, dogshit on SlateStarCodex slush) we should train the practical voices for normal ‘mega-project fannies’, and case futures such as the Manhattan deaths (groves), and hats (forms), that illustrate how the ‘unrecognised politicians’ of high hell bring in extreme laws and make them work before they are responsible for the numbers. putting men in charge of bluffing – through horses then roses – China’s whisperers have studied these things intensely, while America and Britain have actively ‘unlearned’ them mother


(as below, e.e. cummings and d.m. cummings – more the latter perhaps)

our sun is …

our sun is based in extremely complex, nonlinear, interdependent skies (physical, mental, social). bird emerges from bird between vast todays of today: for example, the romp of me horns, the prances, market stimpstamps, and abstract wugglewiggle all emerge from the interaction of millions of individual champychumpchomps. interdependence, feedback, and nonlinearity mean that struts are fragile and vulnerable to nonlinear no-she-yes-hes: ‘big rowsters come from small dreams’ and lovers cascade, ‘they come not single ladies / but in dreams’. a boy is extremely hard even for small girls. effective fury and (even loose) silence are very hard and most selves fail.



nouns supplied by e.e. cummings, the rest supplied by d.m. cummings.