The sonnets

These little sticks need to be bundled-up, tied with the coloured ribbons. There are 22 colours, so 22 bundles. After that’s done there are five other tasks to perform.

Looking up from the table I see that the others are getting on with the tasks. In fact some of them seem to have finished: I better get a move on. But I won’t be able to finish today – there isn’t enough time, and the bundling-up is harder than I thought: perhaps I should have a break from it, start on some of the other tasks?

One of the women comes over to my table and we get talking. I tell her about my lack of progress. She tells me that she lives near me. No, I don’t mind giving her a lift. But there is also, I’m thinking, my essay on the sonnets to finish – I have two endings for it, and I can’t decide between them. I’m not even sure I can still hand it in – when is the deadline? The feeling dawns on me that it passed years ago.