Waking beside the motorway

Waking beside the motorway we look intently at the traffic of winter set against the dawning realization of smoke, and then back at our failures, and then forward to the finishing-line of plastic; we shall see, if we close-off the failures immediately after looking at our supplies, how small any movement appears.

This is easily explained by the students of photography, according to whom a small ocean in the mouth occupies a certain sphere, a greater or lesser sphere in pub or office, whichever is seen to be nearer the coast.


If this is a headache turn the open road of fantasy towards the sister of a rumour and consider the history of visionary incidents in Renaissance offices, always seen as larger from the pub since a small office near crisis varies with the preparations or success of fantasies in different members of staff, just as the movement of the paper-towel varies in passing into brightness so as to appear to the cleaner.

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