The lips are consciously blurred …



paint photo 9a

The lips are consciously blurred

and their silver reversed

referring to the bishop

from a trace of specifications

laughs can be heard

the stranger overlapping passports

in the same tin

a different family

immersing the voices into the gap

(south of the so-called operator)

with the toes

world recipe is concerned with

dissolution of illness

at language’s illness-forming funeral

… to organize the productivity

… to organize the productivity of diameter in the cats of individuals who work

with the conditions of contractors placed in chronological orientation

along the warnings in the main spectacle of the gardener

while a pot is placed on the organ across from each;

but as always the cat is interrupted and some of the pots

are abstract, while looks are hidden behind tinted goats

or are missing entirely in the flock survey


The contractor, taking the form of judgment-like numbers made by assertion,

remains illegible to the beholder;

the survey fails as a framework and in so doing rejects the beholder, as it were,

as a panic survey rejects the assertion in a general week

of equality arrest in industrial tips,

or as the employee experience survey shows the grinding workstation

while signalling collaboration paths

with the refugee as operator of the most influential

themes of the curriculum, a week

out of its very own past.

Two chinese poems



crossing the river by feeling

erupted sentiments

suddenly vanished:



had been captured

by the absurd

group of malefactors

at the graduation

“was bound to happen

sooner or later”

doubtless referring

to Beijing that spring

a new hybrid species

left scratching our organs

in the old colonial

Astor Hotel





sleeping in the same bed

but dreaming different dreams

a kind of organ failure

not our problem

under heaven

ancient notion

deep in the bloodstream

the standing committee

ran into disaccord

filling the remaining vacuum

from the ground up

in serial fashion

and now … now what?

we can see

a few shadowy outlines

but few suitable tools