Stock footage

Beijing in the spring

bubbles rising in straight lines

a man ironing


home   a wooden desk

with inflating blood pressure

machine   liquid flows


on keyboard   background

of small balls   pregnant woman

with tablet PC


changing the broken

touch screen   a senior man

travelling by train


following the drones

flies around the night lantern

hair in the sunset


crossing the river

pregnant woman with tablet

PC in water


hand of a young girl

holding brush   she draws a fish

dawn   senior man


travelling by train

the journey to Batumi

pt. 23   ants


and dead bug close-up

background of small balls   woman

and young man meeting


at dawn   bubbles rise

in straight lines   senior man

crouching in garden


frying onion

taking a selfie   juicy

barbecue   couple


lying in the bed

throwing cell phone in water

fabulous turquoise


patterns   I can’t stand

when he’s working all the time

fighting forest fires


thumbs up   water flows

from man-made flow-form   pregnant

woman in garden


pond   senior man

going up on a ladder

aiming at target


black silky smoke on

background of bombed-out buildings

the white ball is hit


in the pocket   moose

standing by window thinking

at the factory


will never forget

this moment   the detective

hand closing the case