Two fairly straight pre-courting armatures are visible here, used at the end of the handstand to prevent unwanted crossover.

Handstands should be performed under a thin veneer following a period of sedation, which allows a tapestry to be woven around the armatures, securing them, preventing slippage after the hostelry.

Insulation by layers of pyjamas prevents the growth of wryness during the procrastination that follows sedation – if pyjamas are not available than platters of steel-wool may substitute.

The forecourt (or if performed at sea, the fo’c’sle) is crucial in pulling-off the handstand, that is in creating the possibility of a moving-on or recovery: its ball-and-socket joint enables a locomotion that allows for a result involving greater freedom from the missus.

A morning inventory

  1. The stubbornness of edifices
  2. The juice that had dripped on the tabor
  3. Pajamas, smirking in the corner
  4. The red carpet, unprotected against the urine of the divvy
  5. An interjection, followed by transmission, and then a yelp, indicating the lie of the land
  6. Centrally, a large pile of accumulated colour supplements – a whole pile, but you can see where one colour supplement begins and another ends
  7. Questions  – are old skills worth preserving?  In the way that old colour supplements are?
  8. Pleasure, in the knowledge that the ornaments, lit by the summer solstice, are on fire within, because of the presence of the colour supplements.

Lying in the gully …

Lying in the gully, the alcoholic too emits a living language: formed in the cells of free-houses, beneath forgotten cornices.

Patented darkly, in the eclipse of traditional grammar, it celebrates the viscous lie-in, the reprieve of nausea, and the sliding out of conversation.

There is an ease of voice, and a variety – now low-down, now lucid, now so covered by things that it cannot be heard.