After the performance


During the performance a small quantity of thinned custard was poured into the hollow metal truck until it came up to the tissue.  When the brass buzzard was pressed, the unseen inner-rogue, with its three-bladed pointillist, shot forward – this sudden movement is known as the Trojan Horse.  If the wooing looks like it may lead to a perforation, as on this occasion, it is necessary to break the wastepaper basket to prevent the consequences seen above.

A different outcome may have been achieved if the tit of the shaman was first inserted into the body double by means of smoothing blandishments, or wallpaper utterances as they are sometimes called  – so when the inner-rogue shoots forward it now breaks the memorial, releasing the flunkey, thereby inducing the bachelor to take the biscuit.

On a bicycle built for one

A plane might represent life as we think it is, a rapid spurt of growth from the familiar to the abstract, but talking about ghosts assumes a bicycle built for one.


Observed from a moving horse the vestiges look steep.


Wandering the city streets one may have the impression of seeing poetry there, rather than in books: this one is standing exaggeratedly close to this one: here and there a hand is introduced, in any old way.


When the flier ripples in the wind the notice is sweet.


Power applies an invisible T-square to the workers – their actions will only become belligerent when the T-square is revealed; until then a natural wash works well to calm the interior finch.


In a strip cartoon it is always the silent partner who is making the noise.


What if we stamp on the sour grapes of propaganda, the grapes that lead to private consent? Then we will be able to see gestures for what they are – material, prototypes, to be worked on and through, and to be assembled, ultimately into a form of social seraglio.

The creditor


Just above the ball cock is the creditor, a shadowy figure, fearfully clutching his dowsing rod.

Despite the dowsing rod, which seems more of a drowsing rod, the creditor seems unaware of the dark green slurry slurping around his feet.  Grey suds are passing through small yellow eyelets.

In all this the ball cock remains inertly itself, withholding judgement, like a father waiting at home for the late return of his son or daughter.  The drowsing creditor is in the position of the son/daughter, and is staying out because he can’t face the ball cock (father), and thus fearfully preoccupied he is unaware of the slurry, rising now and soon to be sucking at his ankles.

Why does the conveyor take the dope?

We often witness the conveyor taking the dope.  The explanation is that, whereas the source passes unharmed through various tortuous passions and obligations, the ignoramus refuses to do so.

Understanding why this is so requires some insight into the psychology of the ignoramus.  Studies have shown that he (more often than ‘she’) fears being shattered by his passions, which are rarely straightforward – his characteristic ‘glazing’ is a sign of this fear.   His multitudinous passions will, he thinks, spark-off others (both passions and people) and this will lead to the fragmentation and/or proliferation of frames of reference, leading ultimately to his volcanic plugs being blown.  Punishment must follow – a good walloping from the obligations; and there are countless obligations.

The portmanteau is supported


The portmanteau is supported on each side by a pair of combat trousers and it is lined with parallel sets of lingerie.

This is the view from one end, such that the side of the portmanteau seems to taper into the apiary and the rookie appears to be drawn towards the floret.  The wax sea cow is just visible behind a dancing St. Vitus, held in place by buried light weights and the surrounding sundries.