Here I will put a tomato

Here I will put a tomato.

Here a dog-end.

Is that right?

Such were my first thoughts.

But soon I noticed how the open file had seduced the surprised-looking dude into engaging in an easy and precocious poke.

Once this had fallen into place I heard the skier on the right saying to the dude – “Look, don’t do it, that’s not the way to brain up.  Listen to me, I’m in headhunting and …”  He went on to offer the dude a rewarding role in the world of slab manufacture.

At this point the dude really had to take cognisance of the other voice – the lizard on the left, who’d just moored his cabin-cruiser at the bay (out of picture), said “even with flexi-time the world of slabs must be hard and soul destroying; climb on board with me and we shall go line dancing.”

It’s not difficult to work out which choice the dude should make – and which he most probably won’t.

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